Plugins configuration

The plugin configuration is a list of plugins to load. Each plugin has its own configuration section. The configuration section is named after the plugin name. For example, the configuration section for the cache plugin is named gatewayd-plugin-cache.

The order in which the plugin appears in the plugins group determines its priority. The first plugin in the list has the highest priority and is called first and the last plugin has the lowest priority and is called last. The output of the plugin is passed to the next plugin in the list.

Each plugin is defined by a name, a path to the plugin’s executable, and a list of arguments to pass to the plugin. The plugin’s executable is expected to be a plugin that implements the GatewayD plugin interface via the GatewayD plugin SDK using gRPC. The SDK is built for Go plugins, but other languages can be used as long as they implement the GatewayD plugin interface.

Configuration parameters

Name Type Default value Possible values Description
name string - - The name of the plugin.
enabled boolean True True, False Enables/disables the plugin.
localPath string - Valid file paths The path to the plugin’s executable.
url string - - The GitHub URL of the plugin plus the version tag (or latest).
args list of string - - The list of arguments to pass to the plugin’s command, aka. flags.
env list - - The list of environment variables to pass to the plugin.
checksum string - - The SHA256 checksum of the plugin’s executable.

The MAGIC_COOKIE_KEY and MAGIC_COOKIE_VALUE environment variables are used to verify the identity of the plugin and are required for Go plugins only. Their values are constant. The env field is optional if the MAGIC_COOKIE_KEY and MAGIC_COOKIE_VALUE are hardcoded in the plugin’s executable.

Example configuration

  - name: gatewayd-plugin-cache
    enabled: True
    localPath: ../gatewayd-plugin-cache/gatewayd-plugin-cache
    args: ["--log-level", "debug"]
      - MAGIC_COOKIE_VALUE=5712b87aa5d7e9f9e9ab643e6603181c5b796015cb1c09d6f5ada882bf2a1872
      - REDIS_URL=redis://localhost:6379/0
      - EXPIRY=1h
      - METRICS_UNIX_DOMAIN_SOCKET=/tmp/gatewayd-plugin-cache.sock
      - METRICS_PATH=/metrics
      - API_ADDRESS=localhost:18080
      - SENTRY_DSN=
    checksum: 28456728dd3427b91d2e22f38b909526355d1b2becc9379581e1b70bb9495aa9