Currently the API is WIP and subject to change.

GatewayD exposes a gRPC API with an HTTP gateway for querying and managing the gatewayd process and its plugins. The API is currently used by plugins to query the gatewayd process for runtime configuration. The API can be configured via the global configuration file.


The gRPC API uses protocol buffers, which is defined in the api.proto file.

HTTP Gateway

The HTTP gateway is generated from the gRPC API using grpc-gateway and exposes the same endpoints as the gRPC API. The Swagger API definition can be found here. The Swagger UI is available at /swagger-ui/, which serves the Swagger file at /swagger.json.


The API exposes the following endpoints on the gRPC server and HTTP gateway:

gRPC Endpoint HTTP Gateway Endpoint Description
/api.v1.GatewayDAdminAPIService/Version /v1/GatewayDPluginService/Version Returns the version information of GatewayD
/api.v1.GatewayDAdminAPIService/GetGlobalConfig /v1/GatewayDPluginService/GetGlobalConfig Returns the loaded global configuration
/api.v1.GatewayDAdminAPIService/GetPluginConfig /v1/GatewayDPluginService/GetPluginConfig Returns the loaded plugins configuration
/api.v1.GatewayDAdminAPIService/GetPlugins /v1/GatewayDPluginService/GetPlugins Returns the list of plugins loaded
/api.v1.GatewayDAdminAPIService/GetPools /v1/GatewayDPluginService/GetPools Returns the list of active pools
/api.v1.GatewayDAdminAPIService/GetProxies /v1/GatewayDPluginService/GetProxies Returns the list of active proxies
/api.v1.GatewayDAdminAPIService/GetServers /v1/GatewayDPluginService/GetServers Returns the list of active servers

Liveness and Readiness

The gRPC server and the HTTP gateway exposes the health endpoints for liveness and readiness probes in containerized environments and kubernetes. All the probes return whether all the servers are running or not. The health check works both on the gRPC server and the HTTP server and can be tested using the following commands:

# gRPC server
$ grpc-client-cli health localhost:19090
 "status":  "SERVING"
# HTTP gateway
$ curl http://localhost:18080/healthz