Plugin are a powerful way to extend functionality of GatewayD. Based on our experience, we have identified a few areas where we think plugins should be developed first. We constantly write proposals for developing the plugins. You can find them in the proposals repository. It is a good place to start if you want to contribute to GatewayD.

The proposals usually start with a one-liner idea, and possibly a one or two paragraph(s) draft of the proposal. Later on, the proposal is refined using this issue template and the implementation is discussed. The proposals are open for discussion, so feel free to comment on them. We would be very happy to have your feedback.

The proposals are not limited to plugins. They can be used to propose any idea worth discussing about GatewayD core, plugins and other related repositories. If you have an idea, feel free to open a proposal.

Please read the contribution guidelines and the code of conduct before opening a proposal. Note that the proposals are subject to the Apache Contributor License Agreement, as also mentioned in the contribution guidelines.