Currently the API is WIP and subject to change.

GatewayD exposes a gRPC API with an HTTP gateway for querying and managing the gatewayd process and its plugins. The API is currently used by plugins to query the gatewayd process for runtime configuration.

Configuration parameters

Name Type Default value Possible values Description
enabled boolean True True, False Enable or disable the API. Disabling the API might cause some plugins to fail.
httpAddress string localhost:18080 Valid host:port The address to listen on for HTTP requests.
grpcNetwork string tcp tcp, unix The network to listen on for gRPC requests.
grpcAddress string localhost:19090 Valid host:port The address to listen on for gRPC requests.

If you change the default values for httpAddress or grpcAddress, you must also update the plugin configuration to reflect the new values.

Example configuration

  enabled: True
  httpAddress: localhost:18080
  grpcNetwork: tcp
  grpcAddress: localhost:19090