GatewayD is application layer protocol-agnostic. This means that GatewayD can practically support any protocol in the application layer, or L7. However, it is not recommended to use GatewayD for non-database protocols, as it is not optimized for those protocols. The focus of GatewayD is to be a database proxy, and not a general purpose proxy. PostgreSQL has been chosen as the first database protocol to be supported, and more protocols will be added in the future.

Supported L4 protocols

Both the server and the client objects supports the following transport layer protocols, which can be configured via the global configuration file for the server and the client objects:

  • TCP (default)
  • UDP
  • Unix Domain Socket

Supported L7 protocols

GatewayD supports the following application layer protocols:

  • PostgreSQL (default)

Other database protocols will be added in the future.